Advancing Women to the Boardroom

McKinsey & Co: Women in the Workplace 2016

September 26, 2016 – McKinsey & Co. & LeanIn.Org released results from a recent survey of 34,000 men and women across more than 130 companies, and the findings were disheartening (Women in the Workplace 2016). Although more than 75% of the CEOs included gender diversity in their business priorities, apparently no one is listening. The survey found that:

  • for every 100 women who receive promotions in an early phase of their career, 130 men are promoted. 
  • entry level women are more likely to spend five or more years in the same role.
  • women negotiate for promotions and salaries as often as men but face challenges when they do.  
  • women receive less informal feedback and have less access to senior-level sponsors.
  • women of color face even greater barriers and experience even higher drop-offs in advancement. 

Fewer than half of the employees surveyed think their companies are doing what it takes to improve diversity, and less than a third thought senior leaders were being held accountable for improving gender diversity. Read more.

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