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Gallup Research: Numbers are Small but Differences are Stark

Gallup has updated its research on perceptions of equity in the workplace, and while the percentages of women and men who believe their gender has negatively impacted their advancement and pay are relatively small, the magnitude of the differences between men and women is stark.

  • More than twice as likely: 12 % of women believe they have been passed over for a promotion or opportunity at work because of their gender vs. 5% of men.
  • Over four times as likely: 17% of women feel they have been denied a raise as a result of their gender vs. 4% of men.
  • Half as likely: only 20% of women report that they are completely satisfied with the amount of money they earn vs. 44% of men.

Where were women and men in agreement?

  • 59% of men and 56% of women indicated that career advancement was extremely or very important to them.

Gallup: Working Women Still Lag Men in Perceptions of Workplace Equality (09/02/15)

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