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Colorado Nears the National Average for Women on Boards of Directors

Colorado Nears the National Average for Women on Boards of Directors

New research finds that Colorado increases the proportion of board positions held by women to 23 percent which is within 1 percentage point of the national average

Denver, Colo., July 13, 2021 – Over 85 percent of Colorado public companies now include one or more women on their board of directors, according to the most recent “Women on Colorado Boards: State of the State” analysis conducted by Boardbound by Women’s Leadership Foundation.

This is a reversal from the majority all-male boards seen as recently as 2014. Boardbound’s research also Full Article

Boardbound Colorado Releases Latest Progress Report

Boardbound Colorado Releases Latest Progress Report –

Colorado is making progress at a faster rate and is on par with the national average for the first time:

  • Colorado public companies have 21% women on their boards. 
  • With an increase of 4 percentage points in 2020, Colorado’s pace is much improved from the average of 0.8 p.p. in early years 2011-17
  • Over 80% of public companies now include a woman on their board which is a reversal from a majority all-male boards as recently as 2014
  • 20% of Colorado public companies have 3 or more women on their board versus Full Article

Inforum Webinar on Black Women in the Boardroom

Inforum Webinar on Black Women in the Boardroom (VIDEO)

Gender diversity is growing on boards of directors – especially at large companies – but that growth largely has bypassed women of color, especially Black women. This panel, held on August 14th, 2020, discusses the business case for including Black women on corporate boards, strategies for doing so, and what investors/companies can do to influence public companies in their director selections.

Black Women in the Boardroom from Inforum on Vimeo.

Financial Women’s Association Statement on Black Lives Matter

From the President’s Message – June 9, 2020

…The recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and the spotlight they have thrown on the inequalities that exist in society as a whole made me reconsider the theme in a new light.

As the President of an organization dedicated to advancing women in finance, I recognize that for all the lack of equality we face as women, our Black sisters – and for that matter, all women and men of color – face exponentially greater challenges.

While it is not explicitly our mission to address racial inequality and Full Article

OnBoard Statement on Black Lives Matter

As president of OnBoard, a nonprofit whose mission is to increase the number of women in executive leadership and on corporate boards, I want to explicitly state on behalf of our board that we support racial equity and all Black lives. With this in mind, I want to share some concrete examples of what we are doing to:

  • offer meaningful programs for our board members, membership and sponsors, designed to facilitate conversations and increase the visibility of Black women executives
  • mitigate hurdles that would prevent Black women from participating in our organization; and
  • increase the number of Black men Full Article

The Boston Club Statement on Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the black community as we all grieve for the senseless murder of George Floyd and many others before him. These acts of violence and hatred are deplorable leaving us feeling anger, despair and tremendously heartbroken.

As events unfold, it is another reminder of the ongoing societal issues that drive racial tensions. It is up to each and every one of us to listen to, and strive to understand, each other’s experiences, and to lead at all times with compassion and empathy. Change starts with each one of us. We must Full Article

Inforum Statement on Black Lives Matter

In recognition of the tragic events that have unfolded across our nation in recent weeks and months, Inforum salutes the commitment and courage of peaceful protesters seeking meaningful change so that the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the many other African American men and women taken by racism and police brutality will not have ended in vain.

It’s important as well to acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the deep inequities that affect women of color, at home and at work. More people of color have died from the virus, and women and people of color are Full Article

BoardBound Statement on Black Lives Matter

The tragic events of the past few weeks have laid bare the injustices that for far too long have equated to a dangerous reality for Black people in this country. They serve as an urgent reminder that justice does not look or feel the same for everyone and, until it does, we all have important work to do. Meaningful change must happen swiftly. 

We honor the tens of thousands of Americans and people all over the world who have stood up, marched for justice, and made their voices heard. We will continue to stand with you for as long Full Article

Executive Alliance Statement on Black Lives Matter

Executive Alliance stands in solidarity with those who are lending their individual and collective voices in peaceful protest for a more equitable and just society. As America mourns the tragic and unjust deaths of Ahmaud Abrey, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others who have died due to hate, systemic racism, and abuse of power, we are reminded that there is much work to be done to achieve the ideals and values our country was founded on… one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

As an organization that advocates for the inclusion of women in leadership roles, Full Article