Advancing Women to the Boardroom

BoardBound Statement on Black Lives Matter

The tragic events of the past few weeks have laid bare the injustices that for far too long have equated to a dangerous reality for Black people in this country. They serve as an urgent reminder that justice does not look or feel the same for everyone and, until it does, we all have important work to do. Meaningful change must happen swiftly. 

We honor the tens of thousands of Americans and people all over the world who have stood up, marched for justice, and made their voices heard. We will continue to stand with you for as long as it takes to ensure that Black lives in America are cherished and protected, not only in dealings with the police, but in education, healthcare, housing–and in the leadership suites and boardrooms of corporations, community organizations and government commissions. Racism has no rightful place in our society and it must be eradicated in all its forms. 

While our work is centered on gender parity in the boardroom, Boardbound by Women’s Leadership Foundation promotes the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in all we do. We commit to doing the work to truly make these values a reality. We will be more mindful and intentional in our efforts. It is incumbent upon all of us to take this time to listen, learn and, most importantly, act to address the issues that exacerbate the inequalities that our Black brothers and sisters face.

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