Advancing Women to the Boardroom

ION Member Organizations

ION’s member organizations offer a wide range of programs and services to support women on their leadership journeys, just a few of which we’ve highlighted below. For more information on programs in your area or membership options, check out the organizations websites and social media links.


BoardBound by Women’s Leadership Foundation

BoardBound by Women’s Leadership Foundation seeks to advance the equal partnership of women and men at the highest levels of organizational leadership, driving systemic change and creating greater success for local entities and for Colorado. The WLF’s special focus is to increase the number of women on boards, particularly through the following initiatives:

  • CEOs for Women on Boards Advanced by Women’s Leadership Foundation, an initiative which garners support of Colorado CEOs, board members, and civic leaders who are committed to making Colorado a leader on the forefront encouraging equitable and diverse gender representation on corporate boards.
  • Corporate Board Bound, a one-year board readiness program for C-level and executive women, including workshops and matching with mentors who serve on a corporate board
  • Community Board Bound, a program offering workshops on board governance and members’ responsibilities of nonprofit organizations, as well as programs to match women with nonprofit boards, city and state boards, and commissions

Women Executive Leadership (WEL)

Our Mission 

WEL is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote gender diversity on corporate boards and in the executive suite through advocating, educating and connecting accomplished leaders.

Our Vision

Women Executive Leadership, Inc. (WEL) advocates, educates and connects accomplished women.  WEL’s membership is reflective of executive women across diverse businesses in Florida and its reach is countrywide through its alignment with the 2020 Women on Boards campaign.

  • WEL Advocates – through WEL’s Census studies, its Corporate Salute Event and 2020 Women on Boards National Conversation initiatives.
  • WEL Educates –through programs, workshops and events focused on C-Level executives, executives of top two tiers of management, and directors of corporate boards, addressing the challenges and issues they face as well as the board selection process.
  • WEL Connects –through the provision of a forum for executive women to unite, network and leverage best practices.



OnBoard is the leading authority on Georgia public companies and a catalyst to increase female directors on all for-profit company boards.  Our mission is to increase the number of women in executive leadership and on corporate boards. Our community includes those who support the growth and development of women to the highest levels in an organization.


Executive Alliance

The mission of Maryland’s Executive Alliance is to accelerate the success and leadership of accomplished women by expanding their impact and influence through advocacy, education and mentorship. The Executive Alliance:

  • Advocates:  through its census studies, Women of Excellence luncheon, alliances with search firms, partnerships with private and public entities, collaboration with executives involved in the board selection process, and its affiliation with ION.
  • Educates:   through programs, workshops and events supporting leadership development and addressing the opportunities, challenges and issues women face in the board selection process.
  • Mentors:  through its Impact Mentoring program for emerging leaders and networking opportunities for its members.

The Boston Club 


The Boston Club’s mission is to impel the advancement of women to top leadership positions across all sectors of the economic landscape, driven by the core belief is that more women in significant & visible leadership roles will mean better business performance & strengthened economic health in our communities. The Boston Club’s initiatives serve a diverse membership of over 600 members. Its signature programs which include:

  • Distinguished Leaders Series – a series of discussions with influential & innovative community leaders
  • Corporate Board Committee – advocates for more women on boards and serves as a source of exceptional board education & outreach into the business community
  • Corporate & Community Salutes – highlight the work of the Club’s committees, feature a nationally recognized speaker, and recognize companies and organizations who are leading the way. 


Inforum is the only professional organization in Michigan – and one of a few in the country – that combines strategic connections, proven professional development programs, a respected forum for new ideas, and original research to accelerate careers for women and boost talent initiatives for companies.  

 New York  

Financial Women’s Association of New York


FWA’s mission is to accelerate the Leadership and Success of women in finance by advancing careers, fostering alliances, and preparing the current and next generation of professionals. The FWA’s diverse activities focus on furthering knowledge through outstanding programs, expanding horizons through briefings with industry and government leaders, and contributing to our community through scholarships and mentoring, internships and community services. Notable annual events include a Distinguished Speakers Series, a Women of the Year Award dinner, and an International Conference. The FWA’s Directorship & Corporate Governance Committee educates and advocates for women’s advancement into the boardroom.

North Carolina    

OnBoard NC

Our Mission

To increase the representation of qualified women from the Research Triangle region on corporate boards.

At OnBoardNC we are committed to:

  • Advocating for greater gender diversity on boards
  • Fostering meaningful connections among RTP women business leaders
  • Promoting our members’ extensive experience, skills, and accomplishments and the value they offer as prospective board members
  • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of members’ profiles, and facilitating introductions to key decision-makers
  • Providing a forum for members to exchange information and ideas on business and leadership issues
  • Cultivating the next generation of women as board leaders
The Forum of Executive Women Logo

The Forum of Executive Women

As the region’s premier women’s organization, the Forum of Executive Women actively works to promote its mission: to leverage the power of executive women in the Greater Philadelphia region to expand the impact and influence of women leaders.


Bank on Women

Bank on Women is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the community banking industry on the importance of adding qualified women to the Board and C-suite, and to developing and promoting women leaders in community banking, with the goal of increasing the number of qualified women serving on boards of directors and in executive management.

Bank on Women is working to assist community banks in expanding their possible board and c-suite candidates to include qualified women. We have developed a database of qualified candidates that can be accessed by any bank.