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General Motors Names Mary Barra as CEO

  • Ms. Barra will succeed Dan Akerson as CEO next month and become the first woman to run a major global auto maker. She will become the 22nd woman currently running a Fortune 500 company. Ms. Barra has worked to cut GM’s bureaucracy. She pressed the company’s engineers to look at GM cars the way customers do. In that way, she was unlike GM’s past product czars.
    Wall Street Journal, December 10, 2013

Are Women the ‘Better Half’ or the Have-Nots?

  • Prepared for Tulane University’s Newcomb College Institute, in partnership with the local chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners and ION (the InterOrganization Network), the report evaluated female participation in the decision-making ranks of 50 publicly traded companies in Louisiana. The study’s findings showed that businesses in Louisiana lag behind other states in terms of female participation.
    New Orleans Magazine, November 28, 2013

A Striking Absence of Women 

  • Twitter recently drew unwelcome attention to itself and the technology industry when it revealed in the filing for its initial public offering that none of the seven people on its board was a woman. That a high-flying San Francisco company has an all-male board should come as no surprise. About 49 percent of publicly traded information technology businesses have no women on their boards, compared with 36 percent of the 2,770 largest public companies in the country, according to [ION research partner] GMI Ratings.
    The New York Times, October 12, 2013

Women’s Leadership Roles Still Lacking

  • A note from ION President Sarah Meyerrose: This news from ION’s member organization, Inforum, in Michigan, proves that persistence, direct contact with leaders, and refusal to accept the status quo or ignore unconscious bias does lead to positive change. I encourage all readers to find one action modeled by Inforum s/he can initiate today to make a difference.
    Crain’s Detroit Business, September 26, 2013

Women in the Boardroom: Focus on Solutions

  • The slow pace of change is the subject of lots of research and commentary. But instead of dwelling on the challenging numbers, ION’s leaders decided to instead focus on solutions. What are the companies that are getting it right doing? How can we convince other companies to do the same?
    The Glass Hammer, January 24, 2013

Women Directors Help Companies Gain Competitive Edge

  • After years of campaigning for more gender-diverse corporate boards, ION published its Ninth Annual Status Report on Women Directors and Executive Officers of Public Companies. The good news? We’re making progress, and have several thriving companies that lead by example. The bad news? Progress is advancing at a snail’s pace, and most companies aren’t taking advantage of boardroom diversity as a competitive strategy.
    Huffington Post, January 7, 2013

South Florida to promote female representation in the corporate world

  • This past Wednesday Women Executive Leadership (WEL) in conjunction with 2020 Women on Boards met to promote gender equality in the corporate world. This South Florida meeting which was titled “12/12/12,” was one of many held nationally in order to promote this very important gender equity issue., December 14, 2012

Companies Gain Competitive Edge by Electing More Women to Boards: ION Report Offers Action Plan for Boardroom Gender Diversity

  • ION published its Ninth Annual Status Report on women directors and executive officers of public companies. Follow the Leaders: It CAN Happen Here profiles 11 corporations that have experienced financial success and made boardroom gender diversity a high-priority business initiative.
    SFGate, December 11, 2012

12/12/12 Launches a Grassroots Campaign for Boardroom Diversity

  • We need to continue to bring women together in organizations such as 2020, the InterOrganizationNetwork (ION), The Thirty Percent Coalition, and The Boston Club, create more awareness of the business case, and gain more support at the highest levels of corporations to continue to make progress. Hopefully in the near future, the numbers of men and women on boards will be comparable, and this will be an issue of the past., December 10, 2012

2012-2013 UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders 

  • The UC Davis Graduate School of Management in partnership with Watermark publishes the annual “UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders: A Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers.” Our eighth annual study details the presence of women at the very top of the 400 largest publicly held corporations headquartered in the state. Our findings paint a disappointing picture of female representation on the boards and in the executive suites of these high-profile companies.
    UC Davis Graduate School of Management, December 5, 2012

ION President Meyerrose Interviewed on Boardroom Gender Diversity by Lipscomb University College of Business Dean Stevens

  • ION President Sarah Meyerrose was interviewed by Lipscomb University College of Business Dean Turney Stevens as part of his weekly video program, Conversations with the Dean. During the interview, Ms. Meyerrose discussed gender diversity on corporate boards and provided an in depth look at the Moving the Needle initiative.
    San Francisco Chronicle, November 5, 2012

Cowboys vs. Conveners: Catalyzing Gender Equality

  • Last week two powerful politicians in Europe took a stand for workingwomen everywhere. European Union justice commissioner Viviane Reding’s released draft legislation mandating public companies have 40% of women on supervisory boards by 2020. And EU parliamentarian and committee chair Sharon Bowles postponed a hearing to fill a seat on the European Central Bank board until women candidates are presented.
    Huffington Post, September 13, 2012

Locals Among Candidates Looking to Help “Move the Needle”

  • T.K. Kerstetter and his team at Corporate Board Member brought together more than 250 people in NY for the inaugural Moving the Needle program. ION President Sarah Meyerrose was among the candidates introduced to corporate leaders.
    Nashville Post, August 1, 2012

ION Opens National Headquarters in Nashville

  • The InterOrganization Network (ION) has opened a national headquarters in Nashville, ION and Nashville CABLE announced today.
    Nashville Business Journal, June 7, 2012

ION Opens National HQ in Nashville

  • ION, the InterOrganization Network, and Nashville CABLE today announced the opening of ION’s national headquarters office in Nashville.
    Nashville Post, June 7, 2012

Is Massachusetts Leading the Country in Corporate Diversity?

  • The latest report from ION singled out Massachusetts for having “the highest percentage of women directors.  ION’s report found that 20.6% of the directors of the Fortune 500 companies based in that state are women. 
    , December 21, 2011

Women Slow to Make Gains in Top Ranks

  • “We are hoping that’s a sign that women here are learning to advocate for themselves,” said Laura Marks, executive director of Women Executive Leadership, which reported the findings of its statewide census as part of an InterOrganization Network (ION) report also issued on Wednesday. “We are also hoping that more women in the executive offices will mean their next move is to ascend to the boardroom,” Marks said.
    Miami Herald
    , Dec. 14, 2011

This Week in the Boardroom: Building an Effective Board

  • ION Advisory Council Member and Corporate Board Member President TK Kerstetter interviews Linda Rebrovick, Director & Nom/Gov Chair, HealthStream about how to build an effective board.
    Corporate Board Member
    , Nov. 10, 2011

Power 50: Most Influential Bostonians

  • ION Co-founder and Board Member Toni G. Wolfman was recognized by the Boston Business Journal‘s Power 50 List of influential Bostonians for playing a key role in developing the mission and strategic plan for Bentley University’s newly established Center for Women and Business. Ms. Wolfman also leads the corporate board search effort for ION Member Organization The Boston Club.
    Boston Business Journal
    , October 28, 2011

Women in Top Jobs Still Scarce: Inforum Sees Progress Behind the Numbers

  • Michigan’s top 100 public companies aren’t naming women as directors on their boards and as top executives much more than they did eight years ago, but even that incremental growth is a trend in the right direction. The 2011 Michigan Women’s Leadership Index, released by ION Member Organization Inforum Center for Leadership, reports that women represent just 10.4 percent of 849 board seats at the 100 largest publicly traded companies in Michigan.
    Crain’s Detroit Business
    , October 16, 2011

Move up the Corporate Ladder Stalls for Women

  • Women may be happy about the strides they’ve made in corporate America, but they’re hardly satisfied. “Women bring different perspective to the playing field, which often helps bottom line,” says ION President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane. “They bring different problem solving strategies, different networks offer different opportunities to companies.”
    , October 10, 2011

Women at the Top Improve the Bottom Line

  • The best-known diversity initiative is the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission established by the Civil Rights Act of 1991. When reviewed today, the document is thorough, relevant, and current. Its recommendations became the core of diversity best practices for the next two decades. Unfortunately, it failed in its mission. The progress of women has been minimal. Women, and minorities, rarely reach the senior levels of corporate ranks.
    Womenetics, August 30, 2011

ION Issues Board Diversity Policy Urging U.S. Public Companies to Take Action

The Terrible Truth About Women on Boards

  • It’s no secret that the number of women on corporate boards in the U.S. has not increased greatly over the last decade—especially in large organizations. In the Fortune 500, women hold only 15.7% of board seats. It’s no secret that in the U.S., more women than men now graduate from college. It’s no secret that women constitute the largest consumer base in many organizations.
    , June 7, 2011

Movers and Shakers: Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane, President, ION

  • “It’s been the driving mission of ION since our founding in 2006 to increase the number of women on public company boards and in the executive suite. One of the criteria for member organizations to join is that this must be part of their mission,” said Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane, President of ION.
    The Glass Hammer
    , May 31, 2011

Women’s Presence Still Lacking on Boards

  • ION President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane was featured in a exclusive, print-only article by Karen Nitkin. If interested, please request article text from
    Maryland Daily Record
    , May 13, 2011

‘Win/Win’ Campaign Calls for More Women in Top Corporate Posts

  • The Central Exchange’s “Win/Win” campaign strives for the goal that by 2015, women will hold 20 percent of the top executive and board positions in the area’s public companies. Currently, women hold about 7 percent. The campaign will be addressed at an event sponsored by Stinson Morrison Hecker, US Bank, KPMG and the Central Exchange.
    The Kansas City Star
    , April 12, 2011

Gender Equality as an Investment Concept

  • Pax World President/CEO and ION Advisory Council Member Joe Keefe published a white paper to argue that investors can promote gender equality and women’s empowerment while potentially reaping financial returns. Keefe cites evidence which supports the idea the businesses embracing gender diversity may be better positioned for long-term financial success.
    Pax World, March 22, 2011

ION Report Makes Case for Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards

  • The report highlights institutional investors supporting gender diversity at the top, including Calvert Investments, Pax World Management, Walden Asset Management, Trillium Asset Management, Connecticut State Treasurer Denise Nappier, CalPERS and CalSTRS, and provides an action plan for investors who wish to benefit from improved governance.
    , March 7, 2011

Gender Gap Remains on Alabama State Public Company Boards

  • ION was featured in a March 2011 Birmingham Business Journal article, which examined the gender gap on Alabama’s public company boards. ION President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane said among the 14 states reporting statistics in 2010, Alabama falls just shy of statistics for other states. ION reported that women hold between 8.3 to 18.4 percent of board seats in public companies in the 14 reporting states, including Georgia and Florida.
    Birmingham Business Journal, March 1, 2011

Gender Diversity on U.S. Boards Coming Anytime Soon?

  • ION was featured in a January 2011 Fortune article which examined the low number of women directors across the U.S. Quoted in the article were ION Board Member Toni Wolfman and ION Advisory Council Member Joe Keefe, who noted that a 50/50 gender divide of board members is possible by the year 2020 if investment advisors work together to scale proxy voting initiatives.
    Fortune, January 25, 2011


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