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Boardbound Colorado Releases Latest Progress Report

Boardbound Colorado Releases Latest Progress Report –

Colorado is making progress at a faster rate and is on par with the national average for the first time:

  • Colorado public companies have 21% women on their boards. 
  • With an increase of 4 percentage points in 2020, Colorado’s pace is much improved from the average of 0.8 p.p. in early years 2011-17
  • Over 80% of public companies now include a woman on their board which is a reversal from a majority all-male boards as recently as 2014
  • 20% of Colorado public companies have 3 or more women on their board versus Full Article

Inforum Webinar on Black Women in the Boardroom

Inforum Webinar on Black Women in the Boardroom (VIDEO)

Gender diversity is growing on boards of directors – especially at large companies – but that growth largely has bypassed women of color, especially Black women. This panel, held on August 14th, 2020, discusses the business case for including Black women on corporate boards, strategies for doing so, and what investors/companies can do to influence public companies in their director selections.

Black Women in the Boardroom from Inforum on Vimeo.

OnBoard Announces New President and Organizational Change As It Nears 30th Anniversary

OnBoard Announces New President and Organizational Change As It Nears 30th Anniversary

OnBoard Inc., the leading authority on women in the boardroom and executive suites of Georgia public companies and a catalyst to increase female directors on for-profit company boards, is pleased to announce Lisa Robinsonhas been named President of the organization, effective June 1st. The new position of president will replace the executive director with redesigned responsibilities as OnBoard approaches its third decade. OnBoard’s mission has experienced great momentum under the strong leadership of Rona Wells as its executive director for the last 16 years.“We are so grateful to Full Article

Women Leading the Way to Colorado’s Economic Recovery

Boardbound by Women’s Leadership Foundation hosted a panel of Colorado business leaders who shared how they are addressing the COVID-19 crisis and relied on both the workforce and board diversity to help see companies, customers and communities to the other side.

In past recessions, diversity has faltered.  And yet the organizations that maintained their diversity fared better before, during and after the economic crisis.

Hosted by Mary McBride, Women’s Leadership Foundation Board Director.  Watch the video.

Executive Women of New Jersey Updates Leadership Numbers

NJThumbnailExecutive Women of New Jersey recently released updated numbers for women in leadership in the 99 New Jersey companies on the Russell 3000.  Top findings from the report include the following.

  • Of 942 board seats in 99 companies, 141, or 15%, were held by women. This is an increase over 2013, when women in these companies held only 13.7% of seats.
  • The 18 NJ Fortune 500 companies within the NJ Russell 3000 did slightly better, with 45 of 202 board seats, or 22.3%, filled by women. This is an increase over 2013, when women in these Full Article

Forum of Executive Women: Little Change in Philadelphia

PAThumbnailThe Forum of Executive Women in Philadelphia has updated its “Women on Boards” report for 2015.  Key findings from the report, which includes the 100 largest public companies in the region include:

  • 35 companies had no women on their boards
  • 49 companies had no women in their top executive ranks
  • 60 companies had no women among their top earners
  • 94 companies were headed by a male CEO

Overall, women hold only 13 percent of board seats and 13 percent of executive positions these companies.

The Forum also reports on women in leadership roles in Full Article