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Compensation Difference for Female CEOs Add Up

Economists at the Federal Reserve of NY have released preliminary findings from a study on the gender pay gap in executive compensation. Their analysis identified three differences in the structure of compensation packages for male and female executives that continue to put women at a disadvantage – even at the top.

  • Incentive pay made up a smaller percentage of total compensation for women relative to men.
  • Compensation for female executives was less pay-performance sensitive relative to men.
  • Female executives were more likely to suffer the consequences of bad firm performance and less likely to benefit from positive firm performance relative Full Article

Final Lord Davies Report, McKinsey Says Parity Could Take 100 Years

male-femaleIn this update:

Final Lord Davies Report issued in the UK, women benefiting from push to add cyber security experts to corporate boards, only five Fortune 500 CEOs are African American, and McKinsey says gender parity could take 100 years.  Also – who’s driving change, who’s not helping, getting girls interested in coding, and taking a jab at all-male conference panels. Read more.