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Boardroom Diversity is Good Corporate Governance

  • Among the lessons of the financial crisis is that entrenched boards may have contributed to the problem. According to a number of studies, board diversity can help guard against “groupthink” which is more likely to occur among cohesive groups lacking social, cultural and ideological diversity. Read more.
    • American Banker, December 11, 2012

5 Lessons From Female Board Members

  • If you are a company seeking to find the best ways to please the largest consumer group of all, it would be in your best interest to begin hearing the voices of the female population. Women are responsible for more than 75 percent of all buying decisions. Read more.
    • Forbes, July 5, 2012

Adapting Business Strategy to the Regulatory Outlook

  • A recent KPMG survey shows how business leaders are applying a new regulatory lens to strategic planning and traditional organization structures in anticipation of the road ahead. Read more.
    • KPMG, April 20, 2012

Why The Gender Gap Won’t Go Away

  • The pipeline is no longer the problem. Due largely to efforts by business schools around the world to recruit more female students, record numbers of women are seeking and earning MBAs. Read more.
    • The Korn/Ferry Institute’s Briefings on Talent & Leadership, February 27, 2012

Top Three Reasons to Care about Women on Boards of Directors

  • In corporate America, the glass ceiling is most evident for Boards of Directors than any other role. It is the one function where the most complex skills and billion dollar responsibilities are less relevant than the single specification of “being a CEO.” Read more.
    • Strategic Diversity Advisors (by Sara Meyer-Davis, ION Secretary), Jan. 31, 2012



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