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ION published today its Eighth Annual Status Report on women directors and executive officers of public companies in 14 regions of the United States. “Gender Imbalance in the Boardroom: Opportunities to Change Course” provides a breadth and depth of regional research data not available anywhere else. ION’s data include Fortune 500 companies in 14 geographic areas, as well as hundreds of small and mid-cap businesses that comprise the backbone of U.S. regional economies. It supplements the research of organizations such as Catalyst and Governance Metrics International. Boca Raton, FL – December 14, 2011

ION announced two events supporting gender diversity supported by its member organizations in Tennessee and California. On October 25, ION President-Elect Sarah Meyerrose will moderate a panel discussion showcasing gender diversity as an investment concept. “Women: The Best Investment You Can Make” is part of the 2011 Economic Summit for Women. On October 26, ION Member Organization Watermark will host a workshop for participants in its Watermark Institute Board Access™ Program, and other women interested in positioning themselves for board service. Boca Raton, FL – October 24, 2011

ION announced enhancements to its affiliation with Womenetics to provide opportunities, tools and inspiration to women in business. Both organizations have collaborated since June 2011. Thus far, this association has resulted in several opportunities for both organizations, including an article about gender-diverse business strategy, the Global Women’s Initiative event and a series of blog posts by ION President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane. Boca Raton, FL – September 15, 2011

ION announced that the Alabama-based nonprofit Women’s Economic Development Council (WEDC) has joined ION as its fourteenth regional executive women’s organization. WEDC members interested in serving on a board of directors of a public company, or who are concerned about board diversity, now have access to ION’s many resources, including a comprehensive Investor Toolkit, national research and a board director database. Boca Raton, FL – August 29, 2011

ION announced its affiliation with Governance Metrics International (GMI). An official “Friend” of ION, GMI will provide women with opportunities to enter a candidate pool for directors which will be promoted to nominating committees of U.S. and foreign companies, search firms and investors. Through communication with its 13 member organizations, ION will disseminate information to women interested in board service about GMI’s new Diverse Director DataSource (3D). Boca Raton, FL – July 25, 2011

The ION Board of Directors named Sarah Meyerrose as president elect and Sara Meyer-Davis as secretary. Ms. Meyerrose is currently ION’s treasurer and will assume the role of president at the end of President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane’s term in 2012. Boca Raton, FL – July 18, 2011

ION released its official statement on corporate board diversity in conjunction with the launch of “Gender Equality as an Investment Concept” seminars co-hosted by ION and PAX World Management LLC. With academia, corporations and industry researchers reporting that a critical mass of women in the boardroom has a positive economic impact, ION urges public companies to take action. Boca Raton, FL – Jul 1, 2011

ION will collaborate with Womenetics on a series of projects in 2011. As an official “Friend” of ION, Womenetics will partner with ION to provide opportunities, tools and inspiration to women in business.  Both organizations will create opportunities to advocate and advance women in leadership positions and to empower professional women in the corporate and entrepreneurial realms. Boca Raton, FL – June 14, 2011

ION has appointed Laura Black (Maryland), Elisa-Marie Dumas (California) and Pamela Wheelock (Minnesota) to the board of directors, replacing Toby Gordon, Wendy Beecham and Linda Hall Keller, respectively. The new directors will help connect members of their regional organizations – Network 2000, Watermark, and the Minnesota Women’s Economic Roundtable – with numerous national resources available through ION. Boca Raton, FL – June 10, 2011

ION now has an affiliation with DirectWomen, an organization that identifies and supports well-qualified women attorney candidates for independent director positions. In addition, President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane has been invited to join DirectWomen’s Strategic Alliances Committee, which identifies appropriate strategic alliances for the DirectWomen organization. Boca Raton, FL – June 1, 2011

ION will collaborate with The Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation (WBL) on a series of projects in 2011. An official “Friend” of ION, WBL will partner with ION to organize an educational program on July 21, 2011 as part of WBL’s larger Business Mission Event in Boston, Mass. The program will focus on innovative health care in the Boston area and adding value as a member of a corporate board. Boca Raton, FL – May 26, 2011

ION sparked a discussion among investors and shareholders about the financial benefits of gender diversity on corporate boards. The recently released Seventh Annual Status Report found that women hold 8-18 percent of board seats of the U.S. regions surveyed. To counter this, ION’s 14 member organizations have launched various programs and outreach efforts designed to advocate for more women in the boardroom. Boca Raton, FL – April 28, 2011

Business Wire: ION has released its Seventh Annual Status Report of women directors and executive officers of public companies in 14 regions of the U.S. The key findings from data collected by ION’s member organizations revealed women hold between 8 and 18 percent of board seats in companies included in the research. The report also highlights forward-thinking institutional investors. Boca Raton, FL – March 7, 2011

ION was featured in a March 2011 Birmingham Business Journal article, which examined the gender gap on Alabama’s public company boards. ION President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane said among the 14 states reporting statistics in 2010, Alabama falls just shy of statistics for other states. ION reported that women hold between 8.3 to 18.4 percent of board seats in public companies in the 14 reporting states, including Georgia and Florida. Boca Raton, FL – March 4, 2011

ION President Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane has been invited to serve as a panelist on the “Empowering Women through Investing” track at the Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference (SVC/SE) in Miami, Florida from April 4-6, 2011. More than 1,000 investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and foundations are expected to attend the event. Boca Raton, FL – February 22, 2011

ION Member Organization CABLE has released its 2010 “Women in Corporate Leadership” study. The report found that more than 91% of the 617 corporate directors were men at a time when women made up 48.0% of the Tennessee work force. Out of the 72 public corporations, 46% had no women directors at all. For women of color, the representation is significantly lower: only five of the 617 directors and two of the 446 officers were women of color – less than a fraction of a percent in both categories. Nashville, TN – February 17, 2011

ION Partner Pax World Management LLC recently published a paper to argue that investors can promote gender equality and women’s empowerment while potentially reaping financial returns. Pax World President/CEO and ION Advisory Council Member Joe Keefe cites evidence which supports the idea the businesses embrace “Gender Equality as an Investment Concept.”  Fort Washington, PA – February 10, 2011

ION Member Organization Women Executive Leadership has released its 2010 Census, which highlights gender diversity in Florida’s largest public companies. Results show that 8.8 percent of board seats are held by women. In addition, WEL celebrates six Florida companies that have appointed female board directors for the first time. Fort Lauderdale, FL – February 8, 2011

ION Member Organization The Chicago Network has released its 13th annual Census Progress Report. The study shows that there are 15.3 percent women among the boards of Chicago’s largest public companies, up from 14.1 percent the previous year. Five companies reported having no women directors. Chicago, IL – February 7, 2011

ION was featured in a January 2011 Fortune article which examined the low number of women directors across the U.S. Quoted in the article were ION Board Member Toni Wolfman and ION Advisory Council Member Joe Keefe, who noted that a 50/50 gender divide of board members is possible by the year 2020 if investment advisors work together to scale proxy voting initiatives. Fort Washington, Penn. – Jan. 31, 2011

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