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Established in 2004, ION is the national consortium whose mission is to increase the number of women appointed to corporate boards and to the executive suite. Representing nearly half of the 28 million women in management and professional roles across the nation, ION is the only confederation of member organizations in the US engaged in this work.

Through its annual research reports, the sharing of best practices, thought leadership and board search referrals, ION provides a national platform and voice for collaboration, education, advocacy, and outreach for the advancement of women across corporate America.

More than one-third of working women - nearly 28 million - work in managerial and professional positions in the US, stepping into critical leadership roles and leading innovation across all sectors of society. ION's member organizations are working to ensure their paths to leadership are free from gender-based barriers, and that all organizations benefit from skills and perspectives that women bring to the table.

ION is proud to be partnering with Skytop Strategies on their upcoming program Gender Equality in the C-Suite and Boardroom 2 taking place in Chicago December 8-9th.

Engage with institutional shareholders, diversity and search firm executives, practice experts, researchers and academics. Discover the latest developments on the road to gender diversity and best practices on gender parity efforts while applying tools and tactics designed to improve diversity of thought on boards and in the c-suite – towards improved value creation.

Members of ION receive a 25% off the registration fee. To register at this discounted price, please contact Colin Hines at


Gender Equality in the C-Suite and Boardroom

Gender Diversity in Corporate America 
ION’s Annual Update of Women Board Directors and Executive Officers in the Regions includes updated numbers for 2015 for U.S. corporations in the Russell 3000 (R3000).

It also summarizes the results of research gathered for 12 regions in the Unites States by ION's member organizations. 

For more information or a copy of the latest report: ION Reports.


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