ION Celebrates 10 Years of Work

Celebrating its 10th year, ION is a national consortium whose mission is to increase the number of women appointed to corporate boards and to the executive suite. Representing more than 50% of the 28 million women in management and professional roles across the nation, ION is the only confederation of member organizations in the US engaged in this work.

Gender Diversity in Corporate America at a Standstill

13percentION’s Annual Census of Women Board Directors and Executive Officers of public companies includes 2014 data from U.S. corporations in the Russell 3000 (R3000).

As has been the case in the past, the numbers show little change – only 13% of the corporate board seats and executive officer positions in the R3000 are held by women.

Additional data points from this year’s analysis:

R3000 Companies with no Women on their Boards

R3000 Companies with no Men on their boards



  • 31 of the companies with no women on their boards are Fortune 500 companies – 3 are Fortune 100 companies
  • 37% of the companies in the R3000 have only 1 woman on their boards (making “one and done” standard operating procedure)

In somewhat better news:

  • 402 companies in the R3000 have boards where women hold 25% or more of the director seats
  • 5 companies have gender parity on their boards (50:50) and 4 are greater than 50% female

Consistent with research that shows that smaller companies lag behind the larger public companies in appointing women to their boards, we analyzed the top 1000 companies in the R3000 and compared the results to the numbers for the bottom two-thirds of the companies in the R3000 (companies 1001 to 2827 – also referred to as the Russell 2000).  The difference is pretty stark:

Board Seats Held by Women in the R1000*

Board Seats Held by Women in the R2000**



*largest 1000 companies in the R3000
**smallest 2000 companies in the R3000

For more information or a copy of the latest report: ION Reports

September 15, 2014


Forum of Executive Women in Philadelphia Releases Annual Census

The Forum of Executive Women in Philadelphia has released its annual census of women on boards and serving as executive officers in the region’s top 100 public companies: Voices at the Table. The results show that women hold 12% of the board seats and 14% of the executive officer positions in those 100 companies. This year’s census also includes leadership information from the region’s top nonprofit universities and health care systems. Read more. October 28, 2014

ION Report Shows Only 13 Percent of Board Members, Executive Officers Are Women

ION has released its 10th Annual Census of women board directors and executive officers of public companies. The report includes 2014 data from 2,827 US corporations in the Russell 3000 (R3000).  Read more. October 23, 2014

ION in the News: CalSTRS and The Thirty Percent Coalition Expand Campaign for More Women on Corporate Boards

New Board Members

Read more. October 28, 2014

Sarah Meyerrose Joins Civic Bank as President & CEO

Former ION president Sarah Meyerrose has been named President & CEO of Civic Bank in Nashville, TN. Read more. September 25, 2014

Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Companies Leading the Way

The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce recognized six publicly traded companies in the state that are leading the way with at least three women on their boards. The recognition took place during the Chamber’s annual awards luncheon. Read more. September 24, 2014

Our Loss: ION Board Member Jane Allan Bowie

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the death of ION Board Member Jane Allan Bowie, former executive director of Network 2000, who died August 4 of amyotropic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease). You can learn more about Jane Allan through her obituary in the Baltimore Sun. August 10, 2014

Three-Track Leadership Conference in Alabama

ION is a sponsor of the Women’s Economic Development Council (WEDC) 2014 Leadership Conference in Huntsville, Alabama, November 13-14. Former ION President Sarah Meyerrose will speak about the “secret weapon” of talent discovery. Read more. May 7, 2014